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People want to be taught by experts just like you.You have knowledge, skills and/or expertise that you want to share with others. You're looking for the most effective way to get your message across to your audience. At Net Learning Solutions, we create online courses and workshops that help you master the skills and techniques to get your message to your online audience.

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Share Your Expertise

Does the thought of creating an online course overwhelm you? Learn how to create, market and teach Your online course.

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Create Engaging Webinars

Learn how to use webinars - the ultimate marketing tool - as a marketing channel for your products and services.

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What People Are Saying About Our Work

"I found the tutorial very useful and informative. What I also liked about it is that it is at moderate speed and easy to understand. It is very important for non-natives and those who are new to online course creation, online tools and presentations issues. Another thing is PDF files which I can read again and use it whenever I have time. I wish I could watch more in the future by this author. Thank you very much. "

Batjargal Damdinjav
Student, The Beginners Guide To Creating Online Courses

"Before I purchased this course, all I could do was add slides and type in a boring looking presentation and not that well either. I've only finished 16 of the 42 presentations and I have learned soooo much. By chance, my group had to do a PowerPoint at work. At that point, I only finished up to lesson 8 and my team mates thought I was awesome because I was able to do a basic PowerPoint. Go figure. Thank-you for creating this course so that I can go at it at my own pace. I will definitely look for other courses by this teacher."

Yvette Nicoll
Student, PowerPoint For Teachers

"I have just devoured the course in one sitting and am so glad I did. I am just starting out on my journey of creating online courses and have been feeling so overwhelmed by the technical side of it all. I have read so many blogs, taken other courses, read books and none of them made sense to me. I was bombarded with lists of different screen recording software, video editing, teleprompters, voice recording software and was at the point of total exasperation. Now you have introduced me to the wonder of office mix, I can suddenly see my way forward! The features you have outlined are exactly what I need and, thanks to you, I now know how to use them. This has given me the boost I needed to get going with creating my courses with confidence."

Amy Sinclair
Student, Office Mix Essentials For Online Course Designers

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