About Net Learning Solutions Inc 

At Net Learning Solutions Inc, we believe that you should have access to the best learning available on the 'net. We're passionate about learning - that's why we create learning experiences that are rich in content, realistic in nature, and relevant to you. We focus on helping you develop the skills that will help you grow your online business. We're excited about helping you learn.

Our Chief Learning Officer

Steve Gillis is the Chief Learning Officer at Net Learning Solutions Inc. He has been creating and teaching online courses since the early 2000s. Steve obtained a Master of Education degree in Distance Education (a fancy way of saying online learning) in 2009. 

Steve is an experienced technology educator in both classroom and online environments. His dynamic approach uses real-world terminology and systematic steps to explain his concepts in a way that is easy for any learner to follow along and master. He caters his lessons to appeal to all learning styles, and is committed to exceeding the needs and expectations of all learners.






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