The Beginner's Guide To Creating Online Courses

taught by Steve Gillis

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Steve Gillis
Steve Gillis
The Online Course Guy

My name is Steve Gillis - the Online Course Guy. I have been creating and teaching online courses since the early 2000s. I love online learning so much, that in 2009 I obtained a Master of Education degree in Distance Education (a fancy way of saying online learning).

After completing my Masters I came across several online courses that offered to teach people how to make money from online courses. Some were good, some were awful, and some were overpriced (one course was $2400 - who can afford that)?

I realized that with my knowledge, skills, and experience in online learning I had a lot to offer to those with little or no online course design experience, so I set out to create courses that are affordable and that are taught in plain, understandable language. Here's proof:

What People Are Saying About My Courses:

The Beginner's Guide to Creating Online Courses

I am in the process of creating my first course, and with Steve's help I was able to better wrap my head around the process of getting my ideas organized so that I could take the necessary steps to get my course put together and on the market.

One new thing I learned from this course was Google Ad words. This was a real bonus for me. I wanted something like this: to see how many searches were being done on my topic from my location.

Antonia Warren, CXC Physics

PowerPoint for Teachers

Before I purchased this course, all I could do was add slides and type in a boring looking presentation and not that well either. I've only finished 16 of the 42 presentations and I have learned soooo much. By chance, my group had to do a PowerPoint at work. At that point, I only finished up to lesson 8 and my team mates thought I was awesome because I was able to do a basic PowerPoint. Go figure. Thank-you for creating this course so that I can go at it at my own pace. I will definitely look for other courses by this teacher.

Yvette Nicoll

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Welcome to The Beginner's Guide to Creating Online Courses
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The Analysis Phase
Researching An In Demand Course Subject
How To Choose Your Course Topic Workbook (Google Doc Version)
How to Choose Your Topic Workbook.pdf
How to Choose Your Topic Workbook ( MS Word Version)
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Online Course Creation Tools
Top Online Course Creation Tools
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Creating Engaging Online Presentations
How to Create An Online Presentation
From Storyboard to Presentation
Storyboard Template.dotx
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Testing The Waters
Putting it All Together
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